Easy file sharing With superior DXF/DWG translation,
VectorWorks Fundamentals allows you to work with whatever and whomever you need to get the job done.

Free intelligent objects/symbol libraries VectorWorks Architect gives you access to thousands of symbols, hatch patterns, gradients and other resources

Precision 2D drafting At the heart of VectorWorks Fundamentals
is an uncomplicated drafting environment that makes creating complex drawings fast and easy.

High end Presentation Capabilities Landmark provides advanced
graphics capabilities not normally found in other CAD packages.
With Landmark you can easily control line weights aswell as add colours, patterns, hatches and even gradient fills to your designs.
Sketch rendering is also includes Add Renderworks to produce photoreal renderings

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later operating system

Pentium 2GHz or better processor
Windows XP SP3 | Vista SP2 | Windows 7 SP1 | Windows 8 operating system

4GB or greater highly recommended
8-16 GB recommended for large files and complex renderings

Vectorworks Landmark 2015 Mac / Win USB

Complimentary Products

Landmark / Renderworks
Vectorworks Fundamentals
Architect /Renderworks
Artlantis R
SketchUp Pro
Form Z Renderzone
Cinema 4D Prime
Cinema 4D Visualize

Additional Information

2015 Whats New
LandMark 2015 Brochure

All the tools and technology you need in one cost effective easy to use landscape design program.

Key Features:

Site modeling and analysis VectorWorks Landmark makes it easy to create 3D terrain models and 2D contour maps of your site. Powerful site sculpting tools make drawing grading plans and performing cut and fill calculations easy.

Extensive plant database VectorWorks Landmark ships with an
editable database of more than 1,200 plants. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own plant definitions or import plant symbols from existing databases.

Cost and materials tracking VectorWorks Landmark allows you to track costs and materials associated with your designs and
automatically generate plant lists, irrigation reports,and
schedules. Because drawings and data are linked, any changes to your drawing will automatically be updated in your report
which means no more counting!